LIMP Image Gallery

Project Page for the LIMP Image Gallery

This project is aimed to be a more lightweight solution than other products out there, such as Gallery and Coppermine photo galleries, but retain some of the power aspects.

Here are some of the more advanced functionality that LIMP supports:

  • Albums created from folders
  • Captions
  • 1-click Image Setup
  • Theme support
  • Object oriented design
  • Ajax goodness
  • Dynamic resizing


Development has been done in an object-oriented manner. Each user interface (currently only one) and the settings interface, implements a common interface. The objects are then used each in the same manner for ease of development and extension.

Another class called "Scroll Display" exists in the "/src" folder to demonstrate how to extend LIMP for other user interfaces.

Captions are stored in a flat-file database rather than a traditional style database. This means there is Zero setup for the user, while still allowing traditional database access. This has been done by utilizing the Flat-file SQL project on Sourceforge.